BoorBaar would be a Contemporary Percussion Ensemble, if such a thing is possible...
It was formed in 2005 by some "Jedi Rhythm Freaks", AKA Cory Beers, John Wash IV, and Mike Robbins, who compose and perform weird, complex yet groovy rhythms for drums and other objects meant for striking, as well as for some items not meant for striking (but struck anyways).

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About the instruments:
Currently, they use tom-toms, some other drums which resemble tom-toms, some tiny toms cranked up to their structural limits (spocks), some Chinese cymbals and bells (very thick, loud ones) as well as the various parts of a device constructed by us referred to as "The Entrail Strainer", or "Strank" for short. It is made of one very large propane tank, upon which is mounted the former interior of a machine clothes-washer, upon which are further mounted six magnesium plates of distinct pitches (at least that's what we think they are...), and atop all that are mounted several pieces of sheet metal, a.k.a the crasher. This device is often played by several or all of them at once.

About the music:
BoorBaar is tasked with the creation and performance of new original works with fast interlocking rhythmic grids, High Stimulus, and rhythms superimposed upon one another in manners that might seem unlikely/uncanny/insane. BoorBaar nonetheless dig it when folks dance to them. Irregular music to dance to, coming soon...

BoorBaar's audiences are extremely diverse.

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